#DOC "Disorder of Consciousness"

What is mindBEAGLE?

mindBEAGLE is a pioneering method that can be used with patients who are living with one of the following conditions due to a serious brain injury:

‌‌ Coma  ‌‌ Vegetative State/Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome  ‌‌ Minimally Consciousness  ‌‌ Locked-in Syndrome



The lack of feedback from the patient makes it exceedingly difficult to judge someone’s condition. With mindBEAGLE, physicians and relatives gain new insights about the extent of a patient’s awareness and consciousness and even communicate with some of them. 

#DOC-Assessment "DOC Assessment"

DOC Assessment


mindBEAGLE uses auditory and vibrotactile stimulation in order to assess a patient’s condition. The auditory awareness is tested by playing sounds with high and low frequencies to the patient.


To test the tactile awareness, the patient feels vibrations on the hands and a midline location, such as the middle of the chest, back, or stomach. 


These stimulations, the patient is asked to focus on certain sounds and vibrations. A special EEG-cap measures the brain activity during this procedure.



If patients are able to perceive auditory and tactile stimuli, they might be able to communicate via mindBEAGLE!




Audio Stimulation • • • + • • • Vibro-tactile Stimulation

Communication via Tactile Stimuli

The patient is asked to focus on the vibration on a specific body part (e.g. right hand). When the patient is asked a simple YES or NO question, she or he has to focus on the vibrations on the left hand to answer with YES. If the patient wants to answer with NO, she or he has to focus on vibrations on the right hand.

Limb Movement Imagination • • • + • • • Computer Alert

Communication via Thoughts

mindBEAGLE can measure the imagination of an arm or hand movement. In this case, the patient has to imagine the movement in order to answer a question. For example, the movement of the left hand means YES and the movement of the right hand means NO.

#DOC-Assessment "DOC Assessment"

mindBEAGLE Mobile Assessment Service


The mindBEAGLE Mobile Assessment Service is based in the mindBEAGLE Center in Schiedlberg (Austria) and offers assessments with the mindBEAGLE system in hospitals or even in each patient’s home environment. Contact us to try this unique service.


Imagine being able to think, hear, and feel–but not to move or communicate