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mindBEAGLE is the first EEG-based BCI system ever for communication with complete Locked-In patients


assess perception and understanding and learn more about a patient’s mental state


easy and fast assessment compared to fMRI


assessment via movement imagination or auditory or
vibro-tactile stimulation


potential communication via movement imagination and vibro-tactile stimulation


supports a longitudinal screening to investigate stability and improvement of responses

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What is mindBEAGLE?

mindBEAGLE uses Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology for quick and easy assessment of DOC patients and even provides basic communication with some of them. It is used to determine whether patients can understand and follow basic task instructions, even though they are diagnosed as people in a vegetative state (VS, also called UWS or Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome), minimally conscious state (MCS) or (completely) locked-in state (LIS/CLIS).

The lack of feedback is a huge barrier to medical diagnosis or clarifying the patient’s condition. mindBEAGLE gives physicians, family members or caregivers a broader knowledge of the patient’s perception and consciousness. In the assessment phase, mindBEAGLE will provide reliable information about the level of awareness and consciousness of the patient. The system also supports a longitudinal screening to investigate stability and improvement of responses or daily changes in awareness.


Imagine being able to think, hear, and feel–but not to move or communicate

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Dr. Melanie Fried Oken

Oregon Health & Science
University, USA

“mindBEAGLE helps us to work with individuals in their home environments to determine if they have measurable evoked potentials.”

Dr. Steven Laureys

FNRS Research Director,
Coma Science Group, GIGA-Ulg and CHU Liège, BE

“mindBEAGLE combines important electro-physiological tests that allow us to search for signs of consciousness after coma. The big advantage of mB is that it is integrated. You can take it to any patients and plug them in and get the results directly. It is still a challenge and it doesn’t work with all the patients. mindBEAGLE is a big help for us to use the paradigms as they are implemented in mB for very challenging patients.”

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Benefits of mindBEAGLE Systems


Benefits for Professionals

mindBEAGLE is fast and easy to set up, portable, practical for frequent use, affordable and accessible for most patients. Professionals can get more information regarding the patient’s mental state.


Benefits for Family and Caregivers

mindBEAGLE can help family and caregivers learn more about a patient’s mental state, and can provide communication with some of them.

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A Success Story

Carmelina has ALS. This video shows the story of Carmelina and her daughter who managed to  successfully communicate with her mother again when using mindBEAGLE - an assessment and communication tool for coma patients.


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mindBEAGLE Center at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling
Bad Aibling | Germany


mindBEAGLE Center
Guger Technologies OG
Schiedlberg | Austria


Kepler University Hospital
Neuromed Campus
Dr. Tim von Oertzen
Linz | Austria


mindBEAGLE Center at Centro SLA Palermo
Dr. Rossella Spataro
Palermo | Italy


CHUV - Lausanne University Hospital
Dr. Marzia de Lucia
Lausanne | Switzerland


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nimes
Dr. Frederic Pellas
Nimes | France


mindBEAGLE Center
g.tec medical engineering Spain, S.L.
Barcelona | Spain


Hospital Center University of Liège
Coma Science Group, Department of Neurology
Prof. Dr. Steven Laureys
Liège | Belgium


Nursing Home Haus Monika
Mr. Bastian Foppe
Koelner St. 64, 51149 Cologne

E-Mail: b.foppe@alexianer.de
Phone: +49(0221) 120 695 41


Massachusetts General Hospital
Department for Neurology
Dr. Leigh R. Hochberg
Boston | Massachusetts | USA


mindBEAGLE Center
g.tec neurotechnology USA Inc.
Albany | New York | USA


East China University of Science and Technology
Prof. Dr. Jing Jin
Shanghai | China


Asahikawa Medical University Hospital
Dr. Kyousuke Kamada
Hokkaido | Japan

mindBEAGLE research map