Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is mindBEAGLE a diagnostic tool?

No. mindBEAGLE is designed to help assess the level of awareness and consciousness. A medical professional could use mindBEAGLE to test and analyze the brain’s responses to certain kinds of stimuli. This analysis will be one component of a precise diagnosis.

Does the patient wake up again, when using mindBEAGLE?

These types of patients often transition from a coma to a less severe state, such as a minimally conscious state, and may emerge from this state on their own. Patients who "wake up" from a coma do so primarily because of their own healing. That is, people don't "wake up" just because they used mindBEAGLE. However, mindBEAGLE can help identify whether a patient is able to understand instructions, and could lead to rehabilitation that could help them regain conscious awareness.

How often should mindBEAGLE be used? What is the typical procedure when measuring with mindBEAGLE?

Since setting up mindBEAGLE is very fast and easy, it could be used every day. Patients with DOC could have windows of consciousness. Therefore, it is important to repeat tests several times, if possible at different times of the day.
The four methods could work differently on patients. During initial evaluation, each method should be explored several times. Based on the resulting accuracy, the system operator could decide to focus on the method that works best. Furthermore, the patients’ accuracy can improve with training. It is recommended to have at least five sessions with each method during this training phase.

Which type of patients can use mindBEAGLE?

mindBEAGLE could be useful for any patient with DOC (disorders of consciousness). In fact, mindBEAGLE is a tool to help experts assess the level of awareness and consciousness, which can lead experts to revise their diagnoses or gain additional insight. People with Locked-In Syndrome can use mindBEAGLE for communication. We are exploring other groups that might benefit from mindBEAGLE.

What should I do if a patient does not exhibit any indicators of consciousness with mindBEAGLE?

This could occur for different reasons:

  • The patient is asleep or drowsy.
  • The patient does not understand the instructions.
  • The patient does not want to participate.
  • The patient does exhibit conscious awareness, but mindBEAGLE is unable to detect it because the measured brainwaves are too weak or too noisy.
  • The patient does not have conscious awareness.

Important: If mindBEAGLE never indicates conscious awareness, this does not mean that the patient is unconscious. It could mean that the system cannot detect the expected brain activity due to one or more of the preceding reasons.

Can I use mindBEAGLE at home?

mindBEAGLE has to be used by trained staff. mindBEAGLE can be used at home with assistance from someone trained in EEG recording.
However, our mindBEAGLE Mobile Assessment Service offers assessments with the mindBEAGLE system in hospitals or even in each patient’s home environment. Depending on the region, we are happy to arrange a visit to your home for a first assessment.

Can I purchase user specific adaptations and analysis?

g.tec offers the development of scientific software for the processing and analysis of biosignals; design and development of medical devices; research in the medical/medical technology field. Please contact us to get an offer.